Eastside Alliance
  • Eastside Alliance was created by the Fort Worth ISD on July 21, 2015. The program was established to provide support to historically underperforming schools in east Fort Worth

    The main goal is to develop structured community-based initiatives that will define and drive the achievement and well-being of the students and neighborhoods. The focus is on improving early childhood learning, college and career readiness, parent and community engagement, health and safety and middle-grades math.


    EHHS seniors visit pyramid schools with Superintendent Kent Scribner to inspire younger students to strive for gradution.


  • Charles Hodges
    Office (817) 815-4173  
    Mobile (817) 300-8766

    Zenobia Hood
    Office (817) 815-4171 

    LCSW (Social Worker)
    Office (817) 815-4172



  • National Reading Day, March 2, 2019 (Reading with Barbers)

    Eastide Literacy Fair, March 23, 2019