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Carter goes to the MAVS game!


Chaperone Attendee First Name: Johanna

Gender: Female

Favorite Part of the Experience: My favorite part of the evening was watching the student’s excitement. The attention to detail was incredible - from the VIP entrance, to the delicious buffet dinner at the VIP lounge, to the complimentary courtside snacks, to feeling we were right in the middle of the action. The students felt truly special and the joy on their faces was priceless. 




Student 1 First Name: Martin

Grade Level:  12

Gender: Male

Favorite Part of the Experience: The best part was when I stepped out on the court.  I thought I felt important like nothing can stop me.  One of my favorite moments was when they gave me handshakes.  The food was to die for.  I have never had steak and my mouth was in amazement.


Student 2 First Name: Linda   

Grade Level: 9     

Gender: Female

Favorite Part of the Experience:  I loved going to that basketball game because it’s my favorite sport and I got to see two of my favorite players up close.  My favorite part of the game was when we went shopping at the gift shop.  Also going to eat was awesome.  I really enjoyed sitting front row, getting to see the game clearly.  Another thing that I liked was when there was a weeding proposal on the big screen.  But my absolute favorite thing was the Maverick’s mascot.


Student 3 First Name: Abdul   

Grade Level:  12

Gender: Male

Favorite Part of the Experience:  The Dallas Mavericks vs. the Grizzlies was the best games I have ever been to.  My favorite part was when the player #33 from the Mavericks gave me a high five.  I was surprised when #6 broke his nose by being elbowed by another player.  When we went to the gift shop, I got myself a pair of gloves, a hat, a royal blue basketball and a new backpack.  I loved the courtside seats.  We got to see players up close and how the team works together.  I would give anything to go again, it’s an experience I would not pass up.  I loved the food, they had some amazing steak and a salted pretzel.