• Dr. Scribner invites you to attend an information meeting

    Posted by Fort Worth ISD on 10/21/2020

    Dear Fort Worth ISD Employees,   


    As you may have heard, the Fort Worth ISD Board of Trustees approved a Voter Approval Tax Ratification Election (TRE) on November 3.   scribner
    Superintendent Kent P. Scribner would like the opportunity to present additional information on the TRE. You are encouraged and invited to attend a virtual presentation. 

    The next one is today, October 21 - but there are several opportunities to join one between now and October 29.

    To find a time most convenient to you please visit our Eventbrite page and look on the right hand side of the screen for the Select a date bar in red.  

    >> Watch the video where Dr. Scribner answers essential questions about the TRE. 

    >> Register and receive access to the information meeting. 

    If voters approve the new tax rate it will result in an additional $44M for the District and the state would also give us 50-cents on the dollar, resulting in revenues of $66M.  

    That money would fund:  

    ·         Increased compensation for teachers allowing the District to be more competitive in attracting and retaining the best teachers and providing incentives for those who will work in the schools where they are needed most  

    ·         Safety, health, and security by providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and additional measures to clean and sanitize campuses  

    ·         Connectivity and devices such as Chromebook computers, hot spots and additional methods to provide broadband internet access for students   

    For additional information, please visit www.fwisd.org/election 


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  • Tarleton State To Offer New Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction With STEM Focus

    Posted by Fort Worth ISD on 10/20/2020

    Tarleton State University has released a new graduate degree program in Curriculum and Instruction with a STEM Focus that begins in spring 2021.stemmasters

    Learn more about the program at virtual question and answer sessions scheduled for October 21, October 28, and November 5, 2020 from 5– 6 p.m. Sign up at https://bit.ly/2FtpBjK to participate.

    Applications for the program are due November 15, 2020. The spring semester begins January 14, 2021.

    Following virtual discussions with the Fort Worth business community, the need for STEM skills in the workforce is highly sought after and of utmost importance. In order for Fort Worth ISD students to be competitive upon graduation, they must be prepared. This requires learning in a STEM-focused environment and engaging with others using STEM skills.

    With the increasing public attention on STEM education and Superintendent Dr. Kent P. Scribner’s goals aimed at middle years’ mathematics and college and career preparedness, this graduate degree is an opportunity for Fort Worth ISD staff and faculty to respond to the call for action.

    STEM Education is an area of tremendous growth in the last few decades yet few educational degrees exist to address the need. The degree is designed to equip Fort Worth ISD educators with instructional skills in STEM.

    “A team of Fort Worth ISD employees has been working with Tarleton State University in order to address the needs of Fort Worth ISD students. The work has resulted in building a framework and outlining the preparation needed to arrive at the goal,” said Stephanie Tennyson, a coordinator for FWISD's Career and Technical Education Department.

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  • Early Voting Continues Through October 30

    Posted by Fort Worth ISD on 10/16/2020

    Join Superintendent Scribner for An Upcoming Virtual FWISD Voter-Approval TRE Town Hall 

    Early voting for the November 3 joint general and special elections is currently underway.vote

    Polls are open at most locations from: 

    • 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Tuesday, October 13, 2020- Saturday, October 17
    • 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday, October 19-Friday, October 23
    • 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Saturday, October 24
    • 11 a.m.- 4 p.m. Sunday, October 25
    • 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday, October 26-Friday, October 30

    During the early voting period, registered voters in Tarrant County may cast ballots at any of the 50 designated early voting locations.  Election Day is Tuesday, November 3. 

    On the ballot is the Fort Worth ISD Voter-Approval Tax Ratification Election (TRE). If approved, the TRE will provide funds for:

    • Increased teacher salaries to attract and retain top educators
    • Expanded safety, health, and security on campuses, including more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Chromebooks, hot spots and reliable connectivity to the internet for all students

    To learn more about the FWISD Voter-Approval Tax Ratification Election, visit www.fwisd.org/election or join Superintendent Kent Scribner for an upcoming virtual town hall meeting on the subject October 21-29. Click here to RSVP to attend.

    Visit the Tarrant County elections website for additional voter and election details.


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  • Inside FWISD -- October 15, 2020

    Posted by Fort Worth ISD on 10/15/2020



    In our latest edition of Inside FWISD, you will find information about:

    • Video Launches Gold Seal Information/ Application Season
    • Tarleton State to Offer Master's Degree In Curriculum and Instruction with STEM Focus
    •  FWISD Curates Professional Learning Pathways For Its Educators 

    • Oakhurst Principal Recognized As Fort Worth Outstanding Child Advocate
    • INA Teacher Receives Fulbright Award

    And more stories and information about and for FWISD employees
    Don’t forget to view stories throughout the week on the Inside FWISD blog
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  • A Special Message For All Fort Worth ISD Educators

    Posted by Fort Worth ISD on 10/13/2020

    This academic year, Tarrant To & T3 Through (T3)Partnership and FWISD introduced the official launch of the T3 Partnership Pledge. Keep an eye out for emails coming from the T3 Partnership with resources and information about the Pledge program for students. All FWISD Juniors & Seniors are eligible to take the T3 Partnership Pledge. By taking the Pledge, students gain access to financial support and programmatic opportunities. Educators, we need YOUR help spreading the word! Learn more at www.T3partnership.org

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  • Inside FWISD -- October 9, 2020

    Posted by Fort Worth ISD on 10/9/2020



    In our latest edition of Inside FWISD, you will find information about:


    • FWISD Opens for In-Person Classes:Various, special student groups Will Be Phased In Over Next Couple Weeks 

    • ​Superintendent Scribner To Present Additional TRE Information

    •  FWISD Announces 28 Meals To Go Sites For Virtual Learners :Virtual Learners Can Pick Up Meals At Any Designated Site Beginning Next Week  

    • Monday Is Teacher Flex Day, Student Holiday

    • Fort Worth PD Recovers Stolen FWISD Chromebooks 

    • Wednesday Workstation Wind Down :FWISD Urges Employees to Shut Down Computers for Updates 

    And more stories and information about and for FWISD employees
    Don’t forget to view stories throughout the week on the Inside FWISD blog
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  • FWISD Policy Alert For October 2020

    Posted by Fort Worth ISD on 10/7/2020 9:00:00 AM

    EDITOR's NOTE: The following alert is from the FWISD Division of Policy and Planning

    The FWISD Board Policy Manual contains policies governing the operation of this District. Periodically the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) provides updates to various policies based on changes in the law and Texas Education Agency (TEA) requirements. Occasionally revisions may be needed to meet the needs of the District as well.logo

    As a courtesy and in an effort to keep you informed, a policy alert will be provided monthly so that you may be aware of changes specific to our District. Each employee is still expected to be aware of and follow all policies of the District.

    The District policy manual consists of four (4) different components:

    • LEGAL policies compile federal law, state law, and court decisions, providing the statutory context in which all other policies should be read; these cannot be changed by District administration or the Board.
    • LOCAL policies reflect decisions made by the Fort Worth ISD board of trustees and are specific to our District.
    • REGULATION documents are administrative procedures that implement board policies.
    • EXHIBIT documents may contain forms, charts, and other kinds of supporting information.

    The following policies have been revised and/or added:


    Please disseminate to others, and if you have questions, contact Dr. Amanda Coleman in the Division of Policy and Planning at amanda.coleman@fwisd.org or 817-814-1956.

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  • Teachers Are Doing Virtually Everything To Showcase Their Online Classrooms In This Year’s Chairs For Teaching Excellence Award Program

    Posted by Fort Worth ISD on 10/7/2020

    Fort Worth ISD teachers are using chats, transcripts, screen capture software and other newly-acquired tricks of the trade to showcase their virtual classrooms in this year’s Chairs for Teaching Excellence award program.tc

    This rigorous award program has always involved an application, teaching demonstration, and panel interview. Each year, selection committee members review more than 100 applications to select finalists. The teaching demonstration has involved District staff visiting classrooms and recording the teacher on video for judges to evaluate before the panel interview in late October.

    Like everything else in public education, the Teaching Chairs program has changed significantly to recognize and reward teachers in the middle of a global pandemic. Nothing about this year’s program is the same except for its rigorous three-part process and the dedication of teachers, committees, and partnership sponsors.

    This year’s application included questions about teaching during a pandemic. In addition, teachers had to have been a Classroom Teacher of the Year during the last five years or had to demonstrate on their application how they are leaders in and out of the classroom. A record 140 teachers across the program’s 16 categories applied during the spring.

    No staff will visit classrooms to shoot video this year, so teachers are submitting videos of themselves teaching virtually, using Google Meet or Zoom. Selection committees will still look for student engagement, but engagement will look different depending on the teacher and the platform.

    Some students do not unmute themselves during class because of background noise, so teachers can submit a class transcript to demonstrate engagement. Sometimes when teachers show slides on their screen, the viewer cannot see students’ faces, so engagement may be verbal or a combination of verbal and chat. Some teachers are using screen capture software to show themselves, their students, and the lesson being taught, all on one screen, due to the limitations of Google Meet and Zoom.

    Each year, the Fort Worth ISD Chairs for Teaching Excellence awards recognizes outstanding classroom teachers in 16 categories. Exemplary teachers who win this award receive $5,000 and the title of Chair of Teaching Excellence for one year. Dedicated partnership sponsors have provided cash awards since the program’s inception in 1994.

    The 2020 Fort Worth ISD Chairs for Teaching Excellence will be announced in mid-November.

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  • FWISD Adds Alice Contreras To Wall Of Fame

    Posted by Fort Worth ISD on 10/6/2020

    The contributions made by Alice Contreras stretch back more than just decades. The former Fort Worth ISD Director of Bilingual Education impacted generations of students and educators, building a legacy of inclusion and acceptance that continues to impact the District today.ac

    Mrs. Contreras also happens to be a former District student, and her inspirational career is being celebrated as she will be among the next class of the prestigious FWISD Wall of Fame. The Wall of Fame is dedicated to those whose FWISD education served as the basis of their success.

    “Alice Contreras, like many other ethnic minority teacher educators of her generation was, no doubt, motivated in her approach to education by her own personal experience as a young Mexican-American student facing discrimination in the public school system,” said Dr. Rudy Rodriguez, founding FWISD Director of Bilingual Education. “This was evident in her hard work and mucho corazón devoted to improving education for Spanish-speaking children in the FWISD and other culturally diverse learners. ‘Fixing the system’ thus was not only a professional interest for Alice, but also a personal one.”

    Alice Contreras was born in Fort Worth in 1928, went to Washington Heights Elementary and graduated from North Side High School. She began teaching in FWISD at M.G. Ellis Elementary after graduating from Texas Wesleyan in 1951. One of the few Mexican-American teachers in FWISD, she followed Dr. Rodriguez as bilingual director in 1976. Mrs. Contreras died in 2013, at the age of 85.

    “Alice taught me and other Mexican-American students, and was a wonderful role model for teachers who wanted to become principals, vice-principals and administrators in Fort Worth ISD,” said Jesse Martinez, former District 6 FWISD board member. “She is someone whom all of Fort Worth can be proud of.”

    Mrs. Contreras poured her considerable heart into her students, colleagues, and mission to expand bilingual and ESL programs. FWISD has previously honored her with the dedication of Alice D. Contreras Elementary, which was championed by Mr. Martinez.

    “Alice left the legacy that we as teachers respect all children, regardless of race, color, rich, poor, etcetera,” said Dr. Anita Castaneda, an assistant professor at Tarleton State University. “Do the best job you can so the children can become productive citizens and aspire to become the best in the area of their choice.”

    Dr. Castaneda was in the Teacher Corps Program, a collaboration between Texas Wesleyan and FWISD, when she met Mrs. Contreras. They formed a friendship that lasted a lifetime.

    “Alice took a great interest in our needs as far as training and helping us, as Teacher Corps teacher interns in the classroom,” Dr. Castaneda said. “She took an interest not just in our educational needs, but in our personal needs and concerns because the majority of us were from cities far from Fort Worth.”

    Dr. Castaneda added that beyond the positive influence Mrs. Contreras had on Hispanic children throughout FWISD, she implored District principals to ensure bilingual programs were being carried out as they were intended.

    “Mrs. Contreras was an educator who worked tirelessly to provide the best bilingual education to students,” said Guadalupe Barreto, principal at World Languages Institute. “She also managed to nurture young adults who were interested in becoming bilingual teachers. I was one of the young adults who became a bilingual teacher because of her guidance and support.”

    Mrs. Contreras worked alongside Dr. Rodriguez in the bilingual department before succeeding him as director. Those early years proved challenging, as the department was tasked with building a program without a clearly defined curriculum. Mrs. Contreras’ leadership and experience as an educator proved invaluable in developing a focused curriculum.

    “This newly reformed approach to teaching and learning incorporated a well-balanced program of academic development,” Dr. Rodriguez said. “Especially new and innovative was the use of English and Spanish suited for English learners, unlike the traditional mono-cultural, English-only ‘one size fits all’ program of education.

    “The updated curriculum also integrated opportunities for the first time for children to enhance their appreciation for their cultural and language differences as part of their improved social and psychological development.”

    Mrs. Contreras’ induction is especially poignant as part of the District’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

    “By honoring her legacy in this manner, Alice Contreras, as one of the new members of the FWISD Wall of Fame, now becomes a part of the expansive history and record of education excellence of the Fort Worth ISD,” Dr. Rodriguez said.

    “I should also mention the timing for this posthumous recognition beautifully aligns with the national celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. As Hispanics, we are united by our collective pride and a strong faith in every Hispanic moving toward a better future, as evidenced by Alice Contreras’ exemplary record as professional educator and distinguished service to Fort Worth children and families.”

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  • City, County Announces This Week's COVID-19 Testing Sites

    Posted by Fort Worth ISD on 10/5/2020 2:50:00 PM
    The City of Fort Worth and Tarrant County has expanded its free community COVID-19 testing sites. Locations for testing include two Fort Worth ISD sites.
    The following are upcoming events where COVID-19 tests are available.
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