It's Not Okay

It's Not Okay

  • Bullying, substance abuse, cheating and more - these behaviors are not okay!  Fort Worth ISD is committed to helping our students stay safe.  The "Disrespect? It's not okay!" initiative encourages students to make healthy decisions and ask for help when they or their friends are in need.  Students nicknamed the initiative INOK (pronounced I Knock).

    This effort focuses on behaviors that can place a student and others at risk. These behaviors include: bullying, cyberbullying, teen dating violence, sexting, suicide, gang activity, sexual harassment, racism, human trafficking and substance abuse. This effort includes: media, education, response and support, reporting and evaluation. Through the reporting system, students are now able to report a concern through e-mail, text, by phone or by using the "friends 4 life" button below on any of the topics listed above and more.

    The initiative focuses on one topic each month. Each topic listed below links to a separate page with web resources and other important information. In addition to the resources listed below, students encourage students to make a committment to support this student designed and student lead initiative.

    The schedule of topics for this school year is:

    Month  /// Secondary Topics /// Elementary Topics

    September /// Suicide /// Hurting Yourself 

    October /// Bullying/Cyberbullying /// Bullying/Cyberbullying

    November /// Substance Abuse /// Substance Abuse

    December /// Racism /// Racism

    January /// Human Trafficking /// Child Labor Expoitation

    February /// Teen Dating Violence /// Being Mean

    March /// Sexting /// Lying

    April /// Sexual Harassment /// Disrespect

    May /// Violence and Gang Activity /// Violence and Cheating

    June /// July /// August /// ALL of the INOK topics 

  • Kathryn Everest

    Director, Counseling Services


  • The Future is Bright:

    A Week of Suicide Prevention

    September 6 - 12!!  #myfutureisbright


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  • Get involved... participate in the week set aside to educate everyone about suicide prevention!  The Future is Bright: A Week of Suicide Prevention

    • Monday - post a GREEN SCREEN to destigmatize mental health issues! Green is the color for Mental Health awareness.
    • TuesdayHashtag Tuesday get your picture made with the #signs and post them on our social media platforms Instagram @unitedvoices4change and @disrespectinok  Twitter @disrespectinok and Facebook our pages are It's Not Okay and Fort Worth ISD UV4C.  You can find us on Facebook @disrespectinok
    • Wednesday - wear Teal or Purple to promote suicide awareness! Know the warning signs of suicide.
    • Thursday - wear SPORTS Apparel to team up against suicidewear Teal or Purple to promote suicide awareness!
    • Fridaywear a college T-shirt or bright colors acknowledge THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT
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