• Educational Technology Mission:

    To cultivate an environment that prepares students for success in college, career, and community leadership in an interconnected digital world.

    The purpose of FWISD’s Educational Technology Department is to improve, facilitate and enhance instruction to better explain complex ideas, in order to improve learning and performance. 

    Knowing that the teaching and learning of our student body is of utmost and foremost importance, we strive to be thoughtful and considerate of our audience, their learning preferences and the tools and skills that are available in our district.

    The overarching goal is to guide teachers to create learning situations where effective learning is less difficult and more significant.

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    Professional Learning with Educational Technology


    Note: the EdTech Professional Learning Opportunities Hub site will only allow entry once you are logged into your FWISD Google account (first.last@teachers.fwisd.org). You are logged into your FWISD Google Account once you are actively logged into the MyFWISD portal. 

Educational Technology Information and Support

  • Technology and Professional Learning
  • Virtual Learning Support for Students and Parents
  • Quick Reference Guides and Supports
  • Customer Service Helpdesk
  • FWISD Library Media Services
  • Digital Device and DiG iN 1:1 Information
  • Canvas
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