Summer Semester

  • Area 3 Summer School

    (Serving Amon Carter-Riverside HS, Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School, North Side High School, Trimble Technical High School, Young Women's Leadership Academy, Marine Creek ECHS, and Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences)

    Instructions for Locating Courses & Schedules

    Log into Focus (as your student) to see his/her Summer School teachers and schedule of classes.  Additionally, you may download the student/parent handbook as well as an Edgenuity troubleshooting document in the message board there.  On the calendar, you may download a copy of the virtual meeting schedule where your student must be present twice per week.  Check the schedule for the teacher and course, then locate the link to the scheduled virtual class meeting on the calendar.  All links and information in Focus should be updated by 6/15/2020.  Contact the school with questions.